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There is always an added benefit to every game every time an improvement is made to it or each time the stakes are raised. The beauty of online gaming is the competition that gamers stand to come up against from other players and that explains why one can never be considered a true champ until he/she faces opponents on the online platform. We have been around long enough to study the evolution of EA Sport's FIFA franchise and our team has always worked extra hard in order to come up with better modifications to the gaming environment in order to make playing football a more scintillating affair. We understand how demanding online gaming can be and the level of risk some gamers are usually willing to take in order to have the gaming experience they crave for. Consequently, we have decided to "spice up" things a little bit in order to make each gaming session a memorable experience worth investing your time and money in. Each month, we bring on board a number of corporate sponsors in order to support our various initiatives towards not just improving the quality and competitiveness of online gaming, but also to give gamers a chance to win great cash and goodies as a reward for their love for the sport and victory in various categories.

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EA Sports developed FIFA to be a game where gamers could trade their players using FIFA coins. However, it is quite demanding to accumulate a lot of FIFA coins over a short time and that's why the FIFA coin store is there to provide gamers with the coins, which are virtual currency sold at a cost which translates to real money. This therefore means that gaming in itself is a business which requires quite a considerable amount of financial input. For all the gamers out there, you ought not to worry any more because we have come up with two major tournaments which will provide you with an opportunity to earn real cash while you enjoy yourself. All you have to do is to train hard enough and sharpen your gaming skills to enable you to face off with the crme de la crme of FIFA gamers from all over the globe for you to stand a chance of walking away with 100,000 courtesy of our corporate sponsors. The first tournament will be a monthly event which involves 500 teams which face off against each other in a round robin arrangement, with the winners progressing to the next stage while the losing teams are automatically knocked out.

The tournament has been arranged in such a way that each team has to play 4 games per day until the last 16 teams with the most points and goals remain for pooling into groups. The tournament then progresses until the final two teams face off against each other in the finals. In order to be eligble to participate in the tournament, you must have at least 500,000 FIFA points. The other tournament is open to all gamers from across the country and it is a marathon league which is played throughout a regular football season, with a maximum of 5000 teams taking part. Teams are arranged in 5 major world football leagues namely English Premier League, La Liga, Serie A, Ligue 1 and Bundesliga which are played in a zonal level where each team has to face off with 5 other teams before being promoted to the major league based on points accumulated. Registration starts a week to the beginning of each league and is on a first come first serve basis. The winner of each league will win 100,000 courtesy of MLG gaming. Don't miss out on the opportunity of making big cash while gaming.

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Inspired participants have had this to say

I have been practising hard because I know that this time around, I stand a great chance of walking away with the grand prize having come 7th last season. This is the place where all the great gamers meet and earn while playing. There is absolutely no reason why you should miss out.
Gabriel Bradley

As long as you love FIFA, you should definitely enroll. I was 12th in the EPL fantasy league last season and I must admit that it was such a scintillating experience even though I did not win. Highly recommended.
Tyler Chadwick

A great tournament to take place in. I was the second runner up last season and I walked home with a cool 50,000. Worth every effort and that's why I am aiming for the top prize this season.
Oscar Begum